Pretzel Delivery Truck

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Pretzel Delivery Truck


  • Snyder’s of Hanover Mini’s, Snaps, Rods, Sticks, and Sandwiches (and some Flavored Pieces to fill the truck!)
  • Sugar Cookie Mix
  • Hot glue


  1. Glue together 12 Snaps to make a rectangle of 4 Snaps by 3 Snaps; set aside.Cut out the center of 4 Snaps, so that a Rod can fit through the cut out opening and glue 2 to a Rod, about 1 ½” in from each end of the Rod; repeat using another Rod
  2. Glue the base to the Rods created in Step 3, placing the base atop the far end of each of the 2 Rods. Push a Rod through each of the cut out Snaps that are glued to the 2 side Rods. Place a cooled sugar cookie wheel on each end of the Rods in Step 5 and glue a Mini to the end of each Rod. Glue 4 Mini’s atop of the base on each side of the truck.
  3. For the cab: Glue 8 Sticks together, one on top of the other; repeat. When glue is dry, cut the cab side shape using a serrated knife; glue on each side of the base. (see photo as guide). Connect each of the cab sides by gluing 3 Snaps across the expanse between the sides; continue down the cab front, gluing in rows of 3 Snaps. Where the cab sides meet the truck side, glue a Stick on each side.
  4. For the fog lights: Break off a 2 1” pieces of a Rod; glue an upright Sandwich on each. When dry, glue to the top of the cab.
  5. For the headlights and grill: Break off 2 ½” pieces of a Stick; glue to the bottom front of the cab; glue a cut off tip of a Rod to each. Cut a piece of a Rod the width of the truck and glue to the bottom of the Sticks holding the headlights. Glue on 2 small pieces of Rod to the grill for additional headlights. Fill with Flavored Pieces or your favorite Snyder’s of Hanover product.