Edible Candles

Edible Candles


  • Prepared Cupcakes, frosted*
  • Snyder’s of Hanover® Pretzel Rods (one per cupcake)
  • Orange Candy Melts
  • Cake Mate Easy Squeeze frosting, yellow


  1. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper

  2. In a small sandwich bag, melt orange candy melts, following package instructions – use one melt per candle. Keep warm

  3. Snip a small corner of the plastic bag containing the melted orange candy melts, and pipe a flame shaped piece (one per candle) onto the wax paper; let cool

  4. Fill the center of the “flame” with the Cake Mate yellow Easy Squeeze frosting; set aside to “set”

  5. Re-melt the candy melts. Working one at a time and working quickly, pipe enough melted candy melts onto the top of each pretzel rod and place a flame on top. Repeat for each candle.

  6. *For the red cupcake frosting, we used Cake Mate Easy Squeeze red and decorated with Cake Mate Cupcake Gems “Perfect Pearls”. For the green wreath cupcakes, we used Cake Mate Easy Squeeze, green, and topped with Cake Mate’s decorating sugar, green and dropped in 3 Cake Mate red Decors.