Fretzel and Ramona – the Bunny Pretzels

Fretzel and Ramona – the Bunny Pretzels


  • Snyder’s of Hanover® Pretzel Rods
  • White fondant or marzipan
  • Food coloring
  • Cake Mate Easy Writers or candy eyes


  1. Using a golf ball size piece of fondant, add 1 drop of red food coloring and work it in the food coloring until evenly tinted. Repeat for the orange food coloring.

  2. For the head - roll out a piece of the pink fondant about 1” x 1.5” x 1/8” thick ; wrap around the top of a pretzel rod, using a dampened finger to adhere the ends.

  3. While the head is drying, roll out an 1/8” thick piece of the pink and using scissors or a knife, cut out two ear shapes; dampen each flat end of the ear and press onto the head. Bend the ears to a position of your liking.

  4. For the teeth – flatten a small piece of white fondant. Using a scissor or knife, cut 2 small rectangles; lightly dampened the underneath of each tooth and position on head.

  5. For the cheeks - roll 2 small pea-sized pieces of the white fondant into balls; lightly flatten, dampen the bottom of each and position on the head, slightly overlapping the teeth.

  6. For the nose – roll a very small piece of the pink fondant; dampen the bottom and position between the two cheeks; let dry.

  7. When dry either draw on the eyes or if using candy eyes, available at your local craft store, dampened the bottom and lightly press on the head. Draw on the whiskers and freckles.

  8. For the arms: •Roll a tube shape of the orange fondant; dampen one end and press into bottom of head. Position the arms and let dry.

  9. For the hands : •Roll 2 pea-size pieces of the white fondant into balls; slightly flatten and make 3 small incisions to create the fingers. Lightly dampen the bottom of the hand where it will attached to the arm, and carefully press onto the arm; let dry.