Holiday Tree Cupcakes

Holiday Tree Cupcakes


  • Prepared frosted cupcakes
  • Snyder’s of Hanover® Dipping Sticks (one per cupcake)
  • Cake Mate Easy Squeeze decorating icing (green)
  • Cake Mate Decors, Cupcake Gems and/or decorating sugars


  1. Insert a Dipping Stick in the center of the cupcake – this will act as the icing support. 

  2. Starting at the bottom of the Dipping Stick, squeeze 1” of icing from the Stick out, pulling up at the end to give a little lift to the branch. 

  3. Repeat all around the base of the Stick. 

  4. Repeat for the next row above the base row, only make the icing stroke just a bit shorter. 

  5. Continue until the Dipping Stick is completely covered, remember - as you go up the Dipping Stick each row of icing has shorter “branches” than the row below. 

  6. For the top of the tree, squeeze a little icing from the top of the Dipping Stick up. 

  7. Fill in an bare areas with additional icing. 

  8. Decorate the tree with Decors, Gem and sugar. 

  9. Place in the refrigerator to set.