Pretzel Dragonfly

Pretzel Dragonfly


  • Snyder’s of Hanover® Pretzel Rods (1 per dragonfly)
  • Snyder’s of Hanover® Pretzel Sticks (12 per dragonfly)
  • Chocolate candy melts, variety of colors
  • Round candies for eyes


  1. Melt one color of candy melts, following package directions.

  2. Using the melted chocolate as “glue”, attach 3 Pretzel Sticks together; set aside to dry. Repeat 3 more times, making 4 wings.

  3. Once dried, adhere wings to the Pretzel Rod body, holding or propping up each wing until chocolate dries.

  4. Once wings are dried in place, melt the chocolate you have chosen as the body color. Slowly pour or brush on melted chocolate onto the body; gently push the candy eyes into place; let dry.

  5. Melt the chocolate for the wings; gently pour or brush melted chocolate onto wings; sprinkle with decors if desired.