• Ingredients
    • 2 Cups – white candy melts
    • 1 Cup – blue candy melts
    • 1 Cup – red candy melts
    • Star sprinkles (sort out the white ones)
    • Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels rods


  • Directions
    1. Microwave the candy melts until melted
    2. Lay a piece of parchment paper down on the table
    3. Dip the Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel rod ¾ of the way down in the white chocolate & place onto parchment paper
    4. Once the chocolate is hardened, dip the end of your white pretzel rod into blue chocolate, place on parchment paper and sprinkle stars on the blue chocolate while its still soft
    5. Drizzle melted red chocolate over the white part of the pretzel rod using a plastic bag and let harden before serving
    6. Enjoy!